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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Naebugs possible "SCHOLARSHIP"

Me and My family are EXTREMELY EXCITED!!

My 10 year old granddaughter who is in 4th grade passed a test which will allow her to attend a summer camp through The Challenge Foundation. Students were hand picked so to speak, by their teachers. Students who passed the test also have excellent attendance, grades, and social behavior. My granddaughter refuses to miss school, even if she does not feel well.

She has exceeded honor roll status and made it to the PRINCIPLES HONOR ROLL list. Most of my family is native to Colorado, but Lynnae is a native to New Mexico.It was an adjustment for her to attend an inner city Charter School in comparison to the last school she attended.

Approximately 100 students were chosen from all the Denver and Aurora schools to attend this summer camp and only 13 students will be chosen for the scholarship. 9 girls were chosen from Lynnae's school and she is among the top 9.The students will attend a private school from 6th - 12th grade. The scholarship provides clothing, books, school fees, and whatever necessary to meet any of the child's needs to succeed.

A mentor/counselor will be assigned to each child. Home visits and the childs progress will be monitored. I was told that the private schools the children/child will attend costs around $17,000 a year.Wow this is better than sliced bread,,,what an opportunity for my Naebug. The people who are owners/advocates of THE CHALLENGE FOUNDATION care about families that can not afford to send their straight "a" students to a private school.

I am so excited that my granddaughter not only will attend this camp/school setting but she will meet professors, scientists, mathematicians, and in the process will learn from this. This camp is an evaluation and elimination process. If Lynnae is NOT one of the 13 students chosen, I know she has a great future ahead of her either way.



billyjacksblog said...

Way to go Naebug! When I was your age, I couldn't even get picked to play on a kickball team, much less a scholarship. You are a very bright young lady, and I want to hear more about this as time goes by.

Lyn said...

That is simply wonderful, a blessing, and just some great news. I hope this is the light that leads down a very adventurous and acclaimed road... Definitely, WAY TO GO NAEBUG, WAY TO GO!!!! Keep up the good work and bless you~ :))))

purplefrogcat said...